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What Is WA Dominator?

WA Dominator allows you to send text messages, images, WhatsApp videos, audio files and vCard with contact information to Whatsapp registered users in bulk using different WhatsApp Channels from this powerful piece of software.

WA Dominator is a software that allows you to send multiple messages to registered users on WhatsApp in bulk at once. WhatsApp Channels are used to send these messages, be it- text, images, videos, vCards or audio.

What features are included in this software?

Numbers Tab Option

  • Channel Registration: WhatsApp Numbers or popularly known as Channels can be registered within the software under the WhatsApp Channel registration option. Channels are nothing but the mobile numbers and this feature allows you to register them under this tab.
  • Bulk Importing of Channels: WhatsApp Channels can also be imported in the ubiquitous CSV (Comma Separated Values) format directly from within the software with the click of a button. This is a very time saving feature of the software because WhatsApp channels can be bought from various WhatsApp Channel service providers (sellers).
  • Bulk Exporting of Channels: Details like registration date of a specific channel, blocking date, last time of login and other similar useful information can be viewed, edited, added, exported and deleted for all the available channels.
  • Delivery Report Checking: This feature of the software allows you to receive any pending messages in the inbox of all the WhatsApp Channels. The successful and pending delivery reports of all the previously sent messages in the WhatsApp Marketing campaigns can also be checked here.

Filter Tab Option

  • Load CSV/Text File: Importing numbers to filter the contacts via a CSV or TXT file can be done here.
  • Range Generator: You can also from within the software itself generate a series of numbers. This means that you just need to input the starting series of the numbers to the software & add the total volume of numbers you want the software to generate. Thousands of numbers can be generated and then filtered to see which numbers are registered on WhatsApp. These numbers/contacts can also be filtered based on certain conditions like their last seen date & time on WhatsApp. Remember to always send the messages to only active users on WhatsApp.
  • Easy Export: All the numbers registered on WhatsApp specifically can be exported and also be saved as a list of a specific kind to be integrated later with the future WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Send Tab Option

Composer: This is the section where you compose the content of your message- text, image video, audio or vCard. This can be made campaign wise and added to the send list. You can also import the numbers here.

Shuffling Numbers to Avoid Spam: Since you can compose campaigns for multiple clients, you can avoid sending the same messages to the same numbers again and again. You can just add to the send list all the campaigns and the shuffle the send list.

Exporting for later use: The send list can be exported separately for later use.

History Tab

Delivery Report : Instant delivery reports of the messages done can be seen that were sent out from the Send List.

Export: You can also segregate and export the sent messages based on the campaign or dates.

Chats Tab

Chat View: All the incoming replies and messages with the names and the channel numbers can be seen on the number you wish to receive the messages on. Individual replies can be done by logging in to a particular channel.

List View: All the incoming messages can also be viewed as a list in this section.

Options Tab

This tab lets you configure the required options and settings before you start using the software.


Want to test drive WA Dominator? To download the free demo click the button below.

WA Dominator - WhatsApp Marketing Software


Register WhatsApp Channels


Send Text, Images, Videos, Audios, vCard files


Filter WhatsApp Numbers


Check Last Seen Status of WhatsApp Users


Receive Incoming Messages



  • Send all types of WhatsApp messages
  • Filter Active WhatsApp Numbers
  • Check Last Seen Status of WhatsApp Contacts
  • Receive Incoming Messages
  • Send Future Dated Messages


  • Not a web based script or panel
  • Needs Windows 7 or 8
  • No Active Auto-Reply Feature

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