WhatsApp Bulk Sender is a desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software which has been in the marketplace since more then a year now. This software provides some versatile WhatsApp automation functionalities which allows you to do most of the WhatsApp marketing activity that may be required during the marketing campaigns if you wish to scale on large numbers.

We tried using this software with 1000 WhatsApp Channels (Bought from BulkWhatsAppChannels.com)

During the test of this software we realized that this software has many features which are still not available in other software similar to this. Like you can send future dated messages using the software which basically sends a time stamp to WhatsApp users in advanced dates. Hence, the viewer using WhatsApp chats can see your message on top till the time the date passes on. This feature itself is not available anywhere across all the WhatsApp solution that we have tested so far.

So, let us go one by one and tell you more about options available using this software.

  1. Channels Section – This section of the software allows you to manage your WhatsApp Channels. You can do the following in this section:
    1. Register new channels – The register tab in the software allows you to create your own channels. You can create both, protected as well as unprotected channels. We tested creating channels using Virtual phone number as well as Local SIM Card. And both worked fine. We even tried receiving confirmation message using SMS & Voice call and both worked fine. This feature is especially helpful if you wish to use your own country phone numbers for sending out WhatsApp messages.
    2. Checking Channels – You can import your channels using a txt file in this software. Once done, you can click on “Start Checking” and then the software will verify & login each channel. If the channel fails to login then it will give login error. And if channel is blocked then software will give Channel Blocked error.
    3. Change Profile Picture – This software also allows you to change profile pictures of your WhatsApp channels. This kind of option is not available in another versions of different solutions available so far. You can simply upload the images into the /images/ folder of the main software. And then, check mark “Change Profile Picture” while checking the channels. This will change the profile picture of your WhatsApp channels which gives you branding exposure where you can add call to action or promotional images, or your company logo, etc.
  2. Filter Section – This section of the software is very simple to use. Here you can filter your phone number contacts to find out which of the numbers are active on WhatsApp and which numbers are not active on WhatsApp. You can also generate a series of phone number using “Number Generator” within this section which can generate 1000s and millions of series of phone number with a click of a button. During our test we checked 1,00,000 phone numbers and it took just 1-2 minutes to filter such a large number of database using this software. This section of the software allows you to filter 1000 phone numbers in 1 second. That’s pretty fast.
  3. Last Seen Section – After you have filtered your WhatsApp contacts and have a list of active WhatsApp users. You can import the list in this section by copy pasting numbers and then clicking on Add to list button. Then, once you start the checking process. The software will find out the last online activity of your WhatsApp contacts. Then, you can filter out the numbers based on their last online activity. Helping you find out the MOST active WhatsApp users and focusing on sending messages only to those numbers.
  4. Send Section – This is where the fun begins. This section allows you to run WhatsApp campaigns. You simply need to click Send button and then you are prompted with a popup window. You can import your WhatsApp numbers on which you wish to send messages in the left hand side of the window. You can also import by clicking import and select a CSV or TXT file with list of numbers. Then, after that you can select the name of campaign. By clicking add campaign button and name the campaign so you can remember which specific campaign you ran.

    After that, you can select from different type of message format. Varying from text, images, video, audio, vCard and location file. You can select single or combinational message type. Like Text + Images, Text + Video, etc.

    Once, you have selected your message type. You can add content into each content boxes according to your specific needs. And then click on done.

    Now, your campaign is ready to run. Click on Start button and software will start running campaign one by one.