How Does WhatsApp Marketing Software Work?

Well, due to several previous articles I have written on my blog about Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software and WhatsApp Marketing Channels I get a lot of questions from my reader about how does any WhatsApp marketing software works and what should be the decision making process while selecting a good software or channels provider. Well, in this blog post I want to get deep into the subject matter and guide you with the best & honest advice I can give you right now.

BUT there won’t be any point of me answering the question until & unless you don’t understand what are the basics of how the software works and what’s the requirements that you should check with any solution provider.

So, if you wish to do Bulk WhatsApp Marketing then you need two things:

1. WhatsApp Marketing Software

This software whether desktop or web based should allow you to send messages using WhatsApp registered numbers. But, most importantly the thing that you need to make sure is that your chances of getting your WhatsApp number banned are minimal and is handled by the software properly. Most of scripts that I have used in the past which were web based such as XtraBulk, ReverseStation’s WhatsAppBulk were not able to handled the channels blocking process. And hence, I prefer to use WhatsAppBulkSender which is a desktop based marketing tool which handle’s the channel messaging process securely and also allows me to stop the channel usage incase of any updates from WhatsApp which makes all my thousands of channels get blocked immediately which is the case with web based scripts, panels and suite software solutions available in the marketplace.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender provides you with option to automatically stop the sending & channel usage once continuously i.e. 3 channels are blocked when checking. So, if the channels are getting blocked for any reason then software will automatically STOP sending messages. And your channels are safe.

It also allows you to change mac address which helps make every channel unique. And also handles different user agents from within the application.

2. WhatsApp Marketing Channels 

WhatsApp Channels are also known as WhatsApp Senders or simply, WhatsApp registered numbers which are in the format of phone number & WhatsApp password. (You have a unique password for each registered number of WhatsApp). You can get these channels in bulk quantity by different providers who are providing bulk WhatsApp registration service and can provide you with WhatsApp Channels in Bulk.

I have used several vendors in the past while getting started myself in WhatsApp marketing and have found very few honest vendors who are able to provide good WhatsApp channels. Please avoid buying channels from someone who is not providing you with protection passwords. Protection passwords are password protected channels apart from normal channel format i.e. phone;password. This is a password set for all your channels while the registration process takes place so that anyone who is using software such as channels finder, etc. won’t be able to firstly steal your channels and other thing not anyone can reset your WhatsApp channels which stops your channels forever in the long term and your investment goes to waste.

How do you protect your WhatsApp channels to get blocked from WhatsApp?

  1. Stop sending completely rehashed, pure marketing messages. Be more interactive and your marketing copy should not be unsolicited marketing messages, WhatsApp will never want this and if you send these kind of messages then WhatsApp can trace you and ban + block your WhatsApp number forever or temporarily.
  2. Make sure that your WhatsApp marketing software/appllication allows you to change mac address, handles IP address, user agent changes, and also handles the sending/delivery by receiving incoming delivery reports. Because if you software is just sending message and not receiving messages then WhatsApp will understand you are just a spammer who logs into WhatsApp sends messages and logs out. Making it very easy to trace your channels for marketing purpose.
  3. Change your display picture on WhatsApp & also change your status message multiple or atleast one time in a day. Which helps showcasing normal user behaviour against WhatsApp eyes.
  4. Have two way communication with all your list of people who respond back to your messages. Interact on multiple level with one on one communications. Which signifies you are a human interacting with another human and not just a marketing bot sending spam messages.
  5. BUY only PROTECTED WhatsApp Marketing Channels – Don’t worry about the pricing difference because the money will be better invested into channels which last more longer and you don’t have to go through blocking issue early on. I have seen this many times if I don’t use protected channels then firstly, these channels are not long term and eventually get blocked very early. Secondly, these channels are stolen by software users who find & mine WhatsApp channels to send messaging. Even if you are using WhatsApp Channels finder which normal searches channels which don’t have password protection are basically for one time uses. And then, you have to again reinvest your time.

Do you have any other questions related to WhatsApp marketing? Ask your questions below.

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