Where To Buy Bulk WhatsApp Sender IDs or Channels?

Because of my last post about Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Review, I have been getting a lot of people emailing me and then asking about about the software that they bought but don’t have bulk WhatsApp Sender IDs or Channels and wish to do Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns using their WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Some people even went to the extent of finding my phone numbers and then calling me or texting me asking about the same.

Hence, in this post I just want to talk about firstly, WhatsApp Sender IDs & Channels and where can you find the WhatsApp senders in bulk so that you can run your WhatsApp marketing campaigns using any WhatsApp Marketing softwares.

True state of Bulk WhatsApp Sender IDs/Channels…

Well, if you have already bought a WhatsApp marketing software then you must already be aware that in order to scale your WhatsApp marketing campaign you need to add WhatsApp Sender IDs/WhatsApp Phone numbers/WhatsApp Channels into your system. And in order to add thousands of numbers into your Whatsapp Marketing Software‘s system you either have the path of buying SIM Cards and then inserting SIM Cards manually into a cell phone and then using WART to create a WhatsApp secret code which then can be used in your backend of your marketing software. And imagine if you need to add 1,000 number into your system then you have to do this task again, and again and again. Making it very difficult to generate so many massive number of WhatsApp Sender IDs and even if you go fulltime 8 hours a day doing the same activity the maximum numbers you can create will be 50-100. And for that also you will be required to arrange those many SIM cards from different mobile operators.


How Do You Scale This Process? How Do You Automate It? How Do You Get Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Channel ID or Senders or WhatsApp Phone numbers which can be added into your WhatsApp Marketing Software?

You use Bulk WhatsApp Sender service providers. And outsource the task. Yep, that’s the only shortcut and once you start looking for people who can provide you with bulk WhatsApp Channel IDs you will find so many vendors providing the same. And literally, when I say so many that your mind will explode when you see people from all across the world who have been providing this Bulk WhatsApp Sender IDs/Channels/WhatsApp Phone Numbers.

How These Bulk WhatsApp Service Providers work…

I have bought channel IDs from more then several vendors now and have explored, tried, tested different providers who have been providing bulk WhatsApp Sender IDs, and after I went through the process and after I tested Sender IDs from several providers. I came to know about the truth behind the secret of how these providers are able to provide so many channel IDs on regular basis.

Virtual Private Numbers…Yep, basically all these vendors have been signing up using multiple free virtual phone providers and then registering these WhatsApp Senders and the life of these WhatsApp sender whether your software system handles very well or not will basically depend on the next round of registration which will take place by some other vendor or may be the same vendor. And when you buy these WhatsApp Sender IDs the commitment that you get from the service providers is that once you test the senders and these senders are working fine. They won’t be liable to whether the senders work in your WhatsApp Marketing software system or not.

How To Protect From Getting Scammed by WhatsApp Senders Service Providers…

I prefer to use the same channels provided by the company through which I bought my WhatsApp marketing software. That’s because even though they priced me a little extra then all the cheap vendors out their who provide Sender IDs at very cheap rate but then eventually in the long term these sender IDs worked for longer period of time in comparison to cheaper vendors who stopped providing ANY SUPPORT when the sender IDs stopped working even though the software was working fine. Whenever I bought cheap sender IDs I got more costing because eventually all my sender IDs died off. The only excuse these cheap service providers had was that my software isn’t working. And when I used the RIGHT sender IDs which were created by the software company. They worked fine in comparison to Cheaper Virtual number based WhatsApp Sender IDs.

What Are The Costing for Bulk WhatsApp Channel/Sender IDs?

Well, the pricing of these channels or sender IDs keeps on fluctuating based on the availability as I have seen. If you wish to check the latest pricing or get a rough idea. Then, check Bulk WhatsApp Sender here.

Even though that depends on you whether you choose to buy sender IDs from them or not. But, you can get a rough estimate about the pricing which are moderately reasonable & they provide secure WhatsApp Channel IDs which work on long term basis.

You can try different vendors and see which of the channel IDs stick for long term. I have had channels working since 5 months now which were bought from Bulk WhatsApp Sender in comparison to other vendors which provided a validity of 15 days to 1 month on average.

The difference comes in the process of how these senders are generated and whether that’s a unique number that’s used to register on WhatsApp or not.

If you have any questions regarding the same. Feel free to comment below. Also, if you know of any good vendor apart from Bulk WhatsApp Sender. Feel free to let us know by commenting below.

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