Chances are that you have stumbled onto this website while researching and trying to learn more about bulk WhatsApp messages or Bulk WhatsApp marketing tools. In fact, you might already be using some platform or software for doing bulk WhatsApp messages. It doesnt matter what software, script or service you are using to send those messages, you will in almost any case require WhatsApp Channels (senders).

At the end of the day, theres no point of having a well strategised WhatsApp marketing campaign in place without having the WhatsApp Channels to run it with right?

As of now we are the largest provider of high quality WhatsApp Channels in the world right now.

These channels can be used with all kinds of WhatsApp marketing platforms or tools like WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WADominator, WAPanel 7, ReverseStations WhatsAppBulk, Xtrabulk, Wasupbulk or any other scripts or tools available on the web.

Our idea of having this website is to be able to provide you with the best & the most honest advice on how to use WhatsApp Channels in the best & the most effective manner possible on a small or large databases. We will help you increase the life of the channels you purchase so you can use them in the long term for more campaigns.

So just stick around and keep your eyes open. It is our sincere request that you take the time shut the browser, switch off the cellphone or clear any other unnecessary distraction while reading this article. If you sit without focus & dedication to work on your campaigns from here on, you will LOSE REVENUE instead of making money as you will end up dealing with the black market guys, the wrong vendors who will take your money but give back faulty channels that wont even work for more than a few hours. Choose wisely: 20 minutes of good advice VS poor quality channels from lack of attention.

We promise you will end up being nothing less a WhatsApp Marketing Ninja after reading this article. You will be the top 1% of the ninja marketers who have access to the right information and can choose better than the noobs.

Protected WhatsApp Channels vs Unprotected WhatsApp Channels. What’s the difference?

There is a plethora of applications, software, scripts, tools & panels that are available on the internet these days that allow you to send bulk WhatsApp messages in multiple formats like text, videos, images, audio, vCards, GPS locations. Unfortunately, most of these dont even work well or are fully functional. The ones that do work should be paired ONLY with quality WhatsApp Channels to run campaigns.

It is not so hard to distinguish between protected channels & unprotected channels. Protected channels are the WhatsApp channels that are specially generated using a security code which allows the WhatsApp channel to stay secure & safe to avoid getting stolen using various WhatsApp Channels extractor (WhatsApp channel finding software) etc.

If your WhatsApp Channel is not secure or unprotected because of no security code, it will always be susceptible to getting stolen. In fact, your channels passwords can also be reset without your control. The hard earned money & trust that you will have put in these channels will be lost without you being able to do anything about it. Worse case could be that these channels could be used for sending out the wrong messages and your customers could get exploited with your own channels. Eventually leading the WhatsApp Channels to get blocked.

Heres the thing: We get a lot of emails from our clients asking us to change the password for them as they sometimes they cant access them. The reason why that happens and they cant log in is because their recently purchased channels are unprotected. Since there are many people eyeing your channels, it is the best advice to use only protected channels.

Were just warning you & giving you our story so you can know exactly what happens in the background of your software/script. Just make sure you dont fall into this kind of a trap. It doesnt matter if you are producing your own protected WhatsApp channels inside your software or buying them from a vendor, all you need to keep a check on is the security code generated and received by you so that they dont get end up stolen by anyone.

So, How can we find out if my channel is protected or unprotected?

All WhatsApp channel providers/vendors know the difference between protected & unprotected channels. If they dont know anything about the difference, DONT BUY FROM THEM. Make sure that you get the security code or without that the channels might just be useless. If they dont give you a security code, then you should know that they are using a channel extractor like WhatsApp Channels Finder, etc. which extract these channels from other users like yourself WITHOUT any security code. You can always double check your the status of your WhatsApp channels by resetting the password using the WhatsApp Registration Tool & see if it changes successfully. In case the password doesn’t change successfully, it means that the channels are unprotected. (DONT FORGET TO CHANGE THE SECURITY CODE WHILE RESETTING OR ELSE IT WONT RESET THE PASSWORD)

What’s the benefits of Protected WhatsApp Channel VS Unprotected Channels?

Protected Channels for WhatsApp are by default more secure, safer & a lot longer lasting than their unprotected rivals. If you are working hard to get your message across to large audiences at the convenience of a click then it is worth putting that money into buying channels that will last you longer. Sound fair?

Unprotected channels can get stolen by any software or scripts like WhatsApp Channels Finder.

You can incur a few small problems like password login failed, reset or login failed while using protected channels but since they are protected with a security code, it cant be shared by any other user (unless you yourself share with them!).

So whenever in future you decide to purchase WhatsApp channels, make sure they are only the protected ones.

We take pride in the fact that we are ranked as the most honest & trusted company for dealing in high quality protected WhatsApp Channels that are secure & safe to use so that YOU can dive right into the game & start monetising. These channels are sold to clients only one time. That means the channels that we provide to you and never sold the second time to another client or competitor of yours. There is also a convenient 30 day free replacement policy in case any channels fail to login after the date of purchase.

How Works…

The best part about dealing with us is that we are not like 99% of the other vendors in the market. We hold the position as the premium seller and our clients trust us for all their WhatsApp marketing needs which we love helping them out with.

The reason is that we have managed to develop a high end security system in the backend to make sure the channels being delivered to you are working, safe & secure.

The channels come loaded with a host of information like their security code, IP address on which they were generated and the date & time of their creation, phone number, channel password etc.

The channels we make are not made using applications & black hat tools that other vendors use for making virtual numbers. During production, we buy REAL LOCAL SIM CARDS in bulk quantities. These are the real quality channels that are made using proper SIM cards. This way they are not prone to being reset or regeneratedfor at least a good 6 MONTHS! Considering these channels cost only a dime as compared to other forms of digital marketing etc., its a pretty good buck for your bang!

This is because we buy all these SIM cards that are more like pre-paid which enjoy an active life of at least 6 months. But what happens when the time expires you ask? On expiration, the telecom operators take another 3 months to reactivate them for another buyer while you can purchase another lot as per the scale of your remaining campaign.

Unfortunately, VIRTUAL NUMBERS are a problem. And quite a messy one!!

Most vendors in the market adopt to a simple & ineffective practice of channel generation by using free online voice calling services like Pinger, TextPlus, Google Voice etc. They are always on the lookout of such sources and end up registering through such sources only. Eventually, they keep generating the same number series again and again and re-registering them over a long period of time. Our is not the same case: you deserve fresh channels and thats what we give.

It is true that your channel might work only for a few days but errors like failure of login or channel getting blocked could come up. The only reason why that happens is if you are not careful about the channel or if it the channels get reset by someone else or that channel is already being used by someone else. The chances are that in rare cases like these the channels will get blocked. But nothing to worry about. Remember we told you we provide you about the cost being one of the cheapest in the world? 🙂

Please keep in mind that we NEVER, EVER.EVER resell the same channels to another client. You can be rest assured that the channels that are being sold to you are not sold further in the market to anyone.

So go ahead and congratulate yourself first. You are one of the few trusted members of this WhatsApp marketing club because you actually did take out the time to read through this article and hear what we had to say. Secondly, you are now in a strong position to avoid wasting any money on low quality channels which you werent aware about earlier.  

All we needed to do was just make sure that you know EVERYTHING there is about WhatsApp channels before we do any transactions. You are now aware of what exactly you will get when dealing with us and the reason why were so proud of what we do.

We hope you now have a lot more clarity about the difference in virtual numbers and real SIM cards. And also the difference between unprotected vs protected channels.

Now, jumping right into what its going to cost you.

Very frankly since we ourselves incur a high cost of purchasing these SIM cards and pay in advance for the activation for nothing less than 6 months, these channels will damn well be a tad more expensive than the regular virtual channels available in the market otherwise.

Our only promise to you is that we will always provide you ONLY with the quality channels. We are not of the snatch your money and run awayleague otherwise it would not be possible to have such a loving and dedicated in-house team that works hard to get you the results you wanted. A lot of our clients have been bitten shy because of the ill-practices that other vendors retort to. Which is why we will make sure to lend our best support to you- uninterrupted!

We treat every client of ours as the biggest assed and continue to work with them on a long term relationship basis. Thats the prime reason why we still exist in the business. Because none of our clients even think of shifting to another vendor when they receive our tremendous support and advice.

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