Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite

If you’re looking for a web based WhatsApp Marketing script that can be hosted on your hosting side server, then WhatsApp Bulk Suite is your ideal solution.

You can send multiple marketing messages that are WhatsApp based in various formats like text, video, image, vCard & GPS locations.

This has become possible with this script and that’s not all. You can add unlimited WhatsApp Senders/Channels to scale up the size of your campaign in the existing WhatsApp messaging system.

Here are the features of WhatsApp Bulk Suite:

WhatsApp Messaging Around The Globe: SMS marketing limits you to a region, a country and a city. The best part about WhatsApp marketing is that you can reach a global audience for your products and services. This system allows you to target a user in any country or city as long as their numbers are registered on WhatsApp. The script is probably the most robust solution you will come across anywhere.

Send Video Messages Instantly: Video messages can be uploaded directly into the script as the interface is very easy to use. This will allow you to automatically send out the videos as messages to your target audiences and prospects.

Send Image Messages Instantly: Sending images in the messages is also very simple. The WhatsApp Bulk Suite as a web-based software allows images to be sent to any number of people.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Forever: Did we mention that it’s not required to be online for sending out your marketing messages? Yes! You read that right. Since the script is installed on your web servers, you can be in any part of the world and still launch a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign. Just login and start.

Instant Replies from the Inbox: You can create a segment list of individual replies you receive in response to the campaign you run. The system captures the response of these people and further segments it to be able to individually respond to them later.

Send 10x The Size of Your Messages: Unlike SMS you are not bound by character size limits- one of the biggest handicaps of marketers all over the world. You can send at least ten times longer messages through WhatsApp. The limit is generally around 2500-3000 characters as prescribed by WhatsApp currently.

Shuffled Messages: One of the things to look out for is not getting marked as SPAM by WhatsApp. If it does mark you as a SPAM then you are looking at getting your number(s) blocked for good. Our in-house developers have successfully created an algorithm makes the script send unique messages to each user. In a nutshell, to keep the WhatsApp number from getting blocked the messages are counted as unique every time they are sent to the user.

Global Marketing That Doesn’t Pinch Your Pockets: This is one fix that can’t pinch your pockets. Just install the web-based script and buy some WhatsApp channels that can be added to the system. This is the only cost you ever incur in the whole process and this can be done from any place in the world.

Multimedia Message Support: WhatsApp allows you to send any kind of messages. Be it text, video, images, vCard, GPS locations. You can get a lot more creative and edgy in your WhatsApp marketing campaigns in comparison to the plain old boring text messages.

Reporting Dashboard:

Detailed Reporting – You can actively see the status of your WhatsApp messages and you get backend where you can track the delivery reports of messages being sent to your target users.

Message Delay Settings – We have developed feature which allows you to delay your messaging in order to avoid your WhatsApp Senders getting banned by WhatsApp incase of over use.

You can run different types of marketing campaigns using our WhatsApp Bulk Suite:

  • Send targeted marketing campaigns
  • Send Stock Market Updates & Alerts
  • Send promotional, discount & offers to your clients & customers
  • Send Event Reminders or any such reminders
  • Send Holiday Deals & Special Promotions
  • Send product launch information & product offer alerts to your audience
  • Send Merchandise Alerts, Hot Deal of the Day, and similar campaigns
  • Send WhatsApp Marketing Surveys – Asking about the feedback of your clients & customers.
  • Send Event & Gig Updates about Spas & Salons, Restaurants & Nightclubs.
  • Increase your business revenue by retargeting your present customers & clients

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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite


Allows you to create your own WhatsApp Marketing Panel


Create users & resellers under admin panel


Send Text, Audio, Images, Videos & vCard messages


Filter Unlimited WhatsApp Contacts


Create Groups for each set of WhatsApp Contacts



  • Web based WhatsApp marketing panel
  • Send all kinds of messages
  • Create users & resellers account
  • Filter WhatsApp contacts
  • Sell credits for WhatsApp messages to clients


  • No Last Seen Check feature
  • Can't change profile pictures & status updates
  • No auto-reply feature
  • No send future dated message feature

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