Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Review

With the invention of messaging platform WhatsApp which recently got sold to Facebook for 19 billion$ has actually given a chance to marketers to reach out to this mass audience which is using this platform more then anything on their cell phones.

There are many marketers from different industries who can actually benefit from Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software, industries like:

1. Nightclubs, Bar & Lounges

2. Real Estate Professionals

3. Marketing Companies

and lot more.

The only restriction that you face with WhatsApp Mobile App is that you cannot actually send mass messages to all your WhatsApp contacts in one go. And even if you use the Broadcast feature in WhatsApp you can only send the message to people who have actually saved your number in the Phone Book as Contacts in order to receive a Broadcast message from you. Hence, the only solution as a marketer who needs to send mass WhatsApp messages in one go is to use a WhatsApp Marketing Software, or WhatsApp Marketing Panel, or Web-based WhatsApp Marketing Script. I came to know about this software named WhatsApp Bulk Sender which is a desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software which allows you to create your own WhatsApp Marketing System which not only allows you to send text messages on WhatsApp but also allows you to send images, videos, contact files, and even audio files using this advanced marketing software.

I have been using this software which is self-hosted desktop coded script to handle my own WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns which not only allowed me to get the ability to messages on unlimited WhatsApp Number but also allowed me to run customised campaign where I can actually see the response of my WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns and reply to each of them individually.

Apart from all other available WhatsApp Marketing Software which are available on the web right now who charge you enormous amount of money upfront or charge you for per WhatsApp messaging. This is an all in one solution that you will only pay a one time fee. Not only will you have privacy and control over your WhatsApp Marketing campaigns but you will also have a lots of other feature which helps manage your WhatsApp campaign & all the WhatsApp channels which you add into the software in order to run WhatsApp campaign. And since its self-hosted desktop based script which is setup on your own computer. You will have this option to just start the service anytime you want and have full safe control over your database.

I have seen lot of people recently who has been leveraging the power of this amazing piece of software and have started their businesses of selling WhatsApp Marketing Service.


I have dealt with a lot of vendors who promised to provide me with WhatsApp Marketing Software and then asked for advance payments to provide me with WhatsApp Marketing Solution. But, most of these people either dont have a scalable solution or else they don’t have the actual software which is having the functionalities to actually send bulk WhatsApp Messages. Don’t get scammed.

My Trusted WhatsApp Marketing Software provider so far is Bulk WhatsApp Sender- WHATSAPP BULK MARKETING SOFTWARE.

You can live chat with them and ask about the software + bulk whatsapp channels they provide.

P.S. Comment in the section below if you have any questions regarding my experience with this software and I will be happy to answer you back.

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